I am completely obsessed with having a clean house. No, it’s not always clean like I would like. But it is clean when you think about the three kids we have running around here! I am constantly cleaning up behind them and not to mention my biggest kid, my husband.

Now that we have an infant in the house, I am a lot more cautious of the products that we use around him. I wanted to find something that would get the house spotless like bleach but not be harmful to smell while doing it.

Branch Basics was a huge leap of faith for me. I had no idea such an all natural product could clean my house the way that it does. From scrubbing the shower walls to cleaning out the stains in my brand new white comforter. I don’t and won’t lie to you guys just to sell a product. I have myself. committed to only using Branch Basics in my house because why not if it’s proven to do such an amazing job.

I am all about hacks and finding product that work and get the job done. My favorite thing about Branch Basics is that you can buy the started kit and it will last you months. You don’t have to buy 5 different types of cleaners either. The starter kit comes with everything you need to clean all the surfaces in your house.

Again, I am completely in love with it. And since I’m pushing this product I wouldn’t do so without offering you my discount code for $10 off your first purchase. Enjoy!

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