Whenever I need to do a big clothing haul for the kids I try to make sure that I am as prepared as possible. I know that might sound crazy, but you all know me! I like to be fully planned out in everything that I do. Even down to clothes shopping with and for my boys.

Today I want to share with you just how I go about planning a trip to the mall with the kids and for the kids. The very first thing that I do is

1. Scope out the sales!

Where can I get the most bang for my buck? Generally I always have a budget thanks to Corey. I wish he would let me just head out with money to just spend all crazy, but that is never the case. I like to start with my top three favorite stores for the kids at that’s Zara, H&M, and Primark. Once I have the stores down I then look online to see which has the sales. Right now H&M is running a set of three pairs of jeans for $35. Zara has nice long sleeves shirts that will last the entire year into spring for $12.99 and Primark is perfect for all things trendy. 

2. Narrow down what mall to go to

This means not just the obvious of picking the mall that has all three stores but picking the mall that has something to help with keeping the kids from driving me CRAZY! I am the mom of lingering things. I will start the day by saying “Today we are going to Legoland…BUT only if you behave while we shop for three hours”. Lol, it won’t actually be three hours but I like to make it seem worse than it is so they know not to get on my nerves. So I need to find a mall that has all the stores and some sorta activity in close proximity that they will enjoy. 

3. Picking the right time to go!

This is probably the most important part. You want to go shopping with your kids when at the best time possible. Cru takes a nap at around 2ish these days. Which is actually pretty decent for planning days out. I like to get out the house by 10am and back around 1pm. This allows me time to shop and do the activity but ALSO, tire them out for a good long decent nap. Remember that if you have a kid that naps earlier you might want to break up you day. Go shopping before the nap and then go do the activity after. 


I never leave the house without at least 1000 snacks. This is a game changer for long boring days out. I can shove a lollipop in a kids mouth and that will hold me for a solid 10 minutes MAX! The key to this is to have stash snacks. What’s a stash snack you ask, well I’ll tell you. Stash snacks are snacks that kids only get rarely. My kids don’t get candy often. So when I make them go with my to do things they hate i bring a bag full of candy. Then I can just throw one out and get them to chill for a few. Trust me when I say this even works for my preteens. The other options is snack money. Nothing says get away from me for 15 min like “here take this $10 and go get a pretzel”. 


The key to a success shopping trip with the kids is staying on task. This is not the time to try to do anything for yourself. You know how you never get to go to the mall or buy anything for you!? Well guess what, you still can’t. This isn’t the time. What will happen is you will take a 15 minute stop into Nordstrom to see what’s on sale in the shoe department and pay for it when it counts. You want to get in and out. Do you really want to be the mom is the store with three crying kids? Nope, I didn’t think so ..

6. Treat yourself to wine!

When you get home at 1pm, pop that bottle of wine and enjoy! Trust me momE you need it!

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