I know you are all wondering why I decided to start living clean. So I thought I owe you all an update on what’s changed with me and why I have been gone for so long. Well, here it is!

At the start of 2020 I decided that I just wasn’t my best self. I spent too much of my time in 2019 doubting who God called me to be and what I wanted from myself. I would seek approval from so many people and when they didn’t agree or jump on board with what I thought I needed to do, I would let the dream go. I will say that last year was one of the hardest years for me. I had to make changes in 2020 and it started first with cutting some of the people off that were in my circle. 

Then once I did that, I noticed a shift in my mood. I was generally a more happier person. I came up with ideas and I didn’t need the validation from anyone. But then, like anything, something else would go wrong. It was the start of the pandemic and just me feeling like I needed to do more to feel good. I started really diving into articles and blog post about healthy living. I watched shows and documentaries on living a healthier lifestyle. And that’s when I made the choice in February of 2020 to start cutting out everything in every area of my life that wasn’t making me feel good or healthy. I decided that I wanted to live a more sustainable life. One that would allow me to be around longer to see my kids grow old. 

That’s when I birthed momE Clean. It was from learning that the things in our home really are deadly to us on multiple levels. But the one thing I learned and I stand by today is doing all things in the most sustainable way. Living a healthy life and cutting down on your carbon footprint doesn’t mean toss it all out and be wasteful. Not all of us can do that. I know I sure can’t. The message that I have been sharing is start where you are. I still haven’t switched over everything. I have plastic in my home. But I make a decision every day I go to the market to buy paper instead. When I am shopping now I look to only bring home items that fit my new lifestyle. 

With everything we do there is a balance. I couldn’t just toss all the food in my pantry and start from scratch. Shoot I made them kids eat all those chips and cookies, and then I started buying all natural and organic farm fresh hahahaha. 

I do have  a plan to live differently and to implement changes. I soon want to have my own garden, have my own chickens, and make everything from scratch, but I’m just not there yet. With everything it takes time. But one thing I do know is I want to be around to see the world. And the only way to that is to give back to it. 

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