Sorry I have been M.I.A. for a week. Just got back from my first vacation this year. OH HOW IT WAS MUCH NEEDED. Never thought that I would have so much fun and so much stress during one trip. And not the bad stress either. This is the kind where you are just carried away because you are completely outside of your comfort zone!
To start out with, we almost missed our flight. I looked at the ticket and it said that we should board the plane are 9:20ish. Of course I mention this to Coke and he was like “Yea that’s just the time that you should get to the gate, not actually when they will let us on”. Sidebar: this trip taught me how to let men be men, they usually bump their heads all on their own. So we are sitting having a nice chit chat with the waiter that is serving us breakfast when Coke gets a call from our airline that says that we are the only people that haven’t made it to the plane and that they are waiting for us, once again I was right!
As we run to the plane and get situated into our seats, I realize, this is going to be one heck of a trip! We land and the guy from the rental car place greets us with “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE”……Ummmm Excuse me, what does that mean exactly? I was seriously trying to figure out why he said that. Soon enough I would find out!
We first stop at San Jose and stay the night there. The reason for this being that Coke had cussed out the lady that we had rented the first Air BnB from. So last minute we were stuck with this amazing hotel room with such a pretty view (Pictures included) . But that’s neither here nor there, I am actually happy that there was one normal place that we did get to lay our heads on this trip. The food here was great. We arrived in Costa Rica at around like 4 pm so by the time we got to the hotel and settled in on that Sunday evening, just like here in DC, almost everything was closed. We had some really good Chinese food tho!! I mean it was the BOMB! Weird right?!
We start to unpack for the night and Coke notices that his Jordans (sneakers) were stolen from his checked luggage. I will say he handled this like a pro. The funniest part is that I watched those little ratchet boys put our bags on the other plane and I thought to myself, “They better not put my bag on the wrong plane”. When what I should have been saying is “These thugs better not steal my baby’s shoes”!! #OhWell , he was going to leave the shoes in Costa Rica anyway. But it was the principle. I should have known that this trip was doomed from here, but I was in complete bliss, I mean like the guy said from enterprise “Welcome to the jungle!”
Other things to note:
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2.) The hotel we stayed at in San Jose was called Parque Del Lago Boutique Hotel – It was amazing and the service was great too!
3.) We flew Copa Airline


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