After taking a six month break I decided to come back to the blogging game. I needed some time to regroup. It was a lot trying to figure out what I wanted to talk about. I had so many changes happening in my life and I just couldn’t balance them all. So I’m sure you’re wondering what’s been going on with me. Well, SOOO MUCH!

I started coaching a very small select few on how to grow their instagram platforms. Before I start getting a thousand emails, yes I still do it but it’s a tough process and not all will get accepted. Right now one of my clients is getting ready to drop her very own, planner! I am very proud of her and if you aren’t already you need to follow her! 

Then there is momE Clean. Oh did you not know? I created my very own all natural cleaning products. I am so very proud of it too. We are selling like crazy. So much so I just had to hire some additional help. I am working hard to get the products into some local stores for early next year. But you know when I start thinking of putting my products in someone’s store, I start to think bigger and think why can’t I have my own store. 

Of course the kids and the husband are still around. As if they, or I had a choice in the matter. We are almost fully done decorating the new house. I have a few projects in store so stay tuned for that. Corey and I were doing weekly IG Lives, together. But as per usual he dropped out and I was left hanging. The kids are all still equally annoying. Camden has got a mouth on him and Chubbs still thinks he knows everything. But Cru, he’s taken the cake. He is into everything. From standing on tables to eating Koolaid powder. 

And just when I thought I had too much going on, I decided to add Youtube to my list. Whoever sent me those DM’s and said I needed to start a Youtube, you better be the first ones to subscribe. Because it’s finally here! I finally did it. Stay tuned for the first episode. 

Other than that, I am just trying to make it everyday. This pandemic is driving me nuts and distant learning is the Devil’s work. But what’s new with you guys? I would love to hear from you!

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