I’m gonna say this one or few things about this election and then I’m not gonna speak on it again! 
I don’t identify myself by the color of my skin. I don’t walk around feeling oppressed and at odds with the world. That’s just my choice though. But what I can’t seem to understand is the people that do. You so pro black and pro change yet y’all did exactly what the “white man” wanted y’all to do. You read a headline instead of an article. You sat at your home and didn’t vote because “the electoral college determines the president”… well if you read that in its fullness you would know that 90% of the electoral college votes based off of the popular vote. So here you are thinking your vote doesn’t count when it does my brother and sister. 
Not only that y’all fail to notice the two other people running for president. Did you research them? Did you check out what they stand for? Because had you done that and really been pro “black lives matter” you wouldn’t have voted for trump or Hillary! Had you done your research you would have gone will Gary or Jill! Who stand for the actual change this country needs. But nope you felt defeated in this election because you felt you had to pick between the two evils. 
One of those being an out and out racist and the other being the wife to the man that imprisoned more blacks in our nations history! 
All day on the news they kept asking the same question, why didn’t either candidate try to win the black vote? Well let me tell you how stupid those reporters are, THEY DID WIN THE BLACK VOTE! Trump and Clinton both did exactly what they needed to to keep you guys out the polls and at home being a spectator. All Hillary had to do was shake hands with BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z and y’all was sold! All Trump had to do was insult you and y’all wouldn’t show up to vote! Oh they had the black votes right where they wanted them, on the couch! 
My dad told me growing up that black people are hinder because of their lack of knowledge. He told me that the way to manipulate us is by putting things in a book because we will never decide to open it. And that’s the truth!!! Read something! Y’all claim to be “WOKE” well wake up and read what’s going on around you! 
Find the silver lining in everything. Trump might just unify this country based off of pure hatred that we all have for him. It’s four years. You got four years to gain knowledge and getting ready for the next election. In that four years I’m sure there will be less terror attacks, more money into this country and jobs, and a healthcare system that doesn’t cripple this economy! Y’all scream Obama, smh, he was black and y’all think he was great. Surprise if you read the fine print on him too you would know he was an awful president. 
Let the record show I didn’t vote for trump of Clinton. Gary Johnson had my vote and the libertarian party might have mine again in the next four years! 

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