Thought I would share with all my DMV followers this awesome water park that is FREE in the DC area. Look don’t all start flocking there this weekend and taking all the fun out of my little hangout because that will really upset me! I’m just kidding, feel free to come and check it out. It’s a really nice place to take the kids and just hang out. Me and Camden enjoyed a Saturday here a few weeks ago. I swear this is my new hangout spot. Okay, okay, okay…..I will tell you already:


The Yards Park. Literally located right behind the Nationals Stadium. Every Friday night they have a concert at the park that I have yet to attend but will do so this weekend. I am convinced it will be a hit! Parking is like $3.00 an hour if I’m not mistaken. There is a wading pool, waterfall, and fountains for the kids to play in. Restaurants for you to grab a bite and picnic area to have lunch. I have included some pics of me and Camden that I thought you might enjoy!


Address to the park:

355 Water Street SE

Washington DC 20003

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