Surf City…I mean that’s all I know about how to describe it! Dominical was a true experience. A little out of my norm because I am not single and not a raging alcoholic. But all the while still very fun. We stayed at yet another Airbnb. Did I already tell you guys that I am never staying at one of those again? The house wasn’t the bad actually. Aside from the fact that there was no AC and the water shortage from 6 am until like noon. Yes that’s right now water for a shower. And even if the water was on it was ice cold. Like I said we came at the end of dry season for Costa Rica. Meaning water was limited. There were two little mini Lizard friends that shared the house with us. Their names where Bobby and Rashida (or something like Rashida…I didn’t like the girl one as much, she was very sneaky). They were cool. Until we came back one of the days and realized that they had invited a guest over, Hermit the crab!! That had me going nuts!
Dominical was very earthy. There were a lot of healthy eating restaurants, organic grocery stores, Vegan breakfast spots, cake shops, surf stores, and drug induced locals. I mean everybody there was def on something. I mean I guess that is the life of a hippie. Not to mention the Hostels. I never seen or even heard of those before. Don’t judge me, I don’t get out much! So according to Coke, Hostels are places that backpackers stay for like $10 a night. It’s like a motel but in the form of college dorm style. Everyone sleeps in the same room with multiple beds. You can stay as long as you like and there is like one bathroom and one little area with a small table. I get all this info from the one hostels that I actually got close enough to. But there were many at this beach. And there were many college kids there too. So it seems about right.
The beach was very warm. Strong waves and rocks everywhere. There were tree limbs that grew on the beach which was pretty cool. This beach also had bars that lined the beach. More of your normal travel scene. There was also shopping on the walk to the beach as well. I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed laying out on this beach as much as in Flamingo. There literally were rocks all over the sand that made it slightly impossible to really lay out. But I liked that it was busy. We got to enjoy our alone time the first part of the trip and then really got to meet and hang out with a few locals the second half.
I think Coke enjoyed this area more than I. I liked it don’t get me wrong. But I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was single and wanted to just hang out all night and party. While he enjoyed it….Well now that I say that, I don’t have the slightest clue why he enjoyed it. Because he shouldn’t have!! Coke I know you are reading this….you have a few hours to prepare the right answer to this coming question.

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