Hey Guys!!!
I have been dealing with the most! Like Camden has been sick all through May. Started out with strep throat. I mean it sort of feels like he leaves and goes to hang out with his father for a weekend and comes back with a cold. I mean literally EVERY TIME!! I had to have my mom (because I had just came back from my vacation I couldn’t even take off work to take him to the doctors) ask the doctor if she thought it was best for me to keep him away from his father. I’m not even going to lie, give me any excuse to have to keep them apart that has nothing to do with me but his health or some reason like that. I will do freaking cartwheels. But anyway, yes he had strep. Which I thought okay, we will get over this in a few days.
But then he got ringworm. SMH!! First of all there are so many things wrong with this half of the story, First thing being that I hate Camden’s school! I literally cannot wait for him to get into this elementary school. Someone clearly had ringworm at his school. You want to know how I know, because they didn’t even ask me or mention the fact that Camden had it. It wasn’t like it was on his arm and they didn’t know it was there. It’s in his hair. I mean he had three bald spots! So my guess (AND I’M PRETTY SURE I AM RIGHT), is that some child had it and they didn’t notice it and now my child has gotten it.
From the medicine that he was on for the ringworm, his skin started to peel. Well at least that is what the hospital said it was, the medicine. His hands and feet were peeling like crazy. We had to go to the hospital because the pharmacist thought that it could be Steven Johnson’s Syndrome. Which if you google it, as I did at the hospital and completely freaked out, you will see how bad it can get. Well it wasn’t that. I then went to his primary doctor and she looked at his hands and feet and said it was the strep throat. Said it can cause peeling of the skin. I DIDN’T KNOW WHO WAS RIGHT. All I knew was that I poured the medicine down the drain and told her she needed to write us something else to take. Of course she sends me off with a prescription that was going to cost me $440. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I called her and told her that is how much my car note is a month (insane I know) and I can’t afford that. I was googling all kinds of home remedies for ringworm. But nothing will actually kill the fungus but an antibiotic. So she wrote me another script that was for normal people who aren’t rich, and we have just picked it up. He has had the ringworm since the start of May. Here it is June and we are just getting it together.
The other reason why I was so busy was because Coke and I took the boys to the beach for Memorial Day weekend. Oh, how I thought I wanted more kids! Now I am starting to rethink it. Camden is such a cry baby. I mean I literally had to walk away from him and let Coke deal with him at the aquarium. And to top it off, Chubbs is an instigator. If Camden is scared Chubbs likes to point out how brave he is. The first two days with the two of them was fine. The third day was when I thought I wished we made it a mommy and daddy trip only. Everybody is in an uproar about the kid at the zoo and the gorilla. Most of these people must not have taken their children to the zoo lately. I mean after being at the aquarium with Camden and his crying, I too was ready to toss him in with a shark!

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