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Are you a blogger? Coach? Stylist? Entrepreneur? Do you host events and feel like you are always dishing out money instead of making money? Do you feel like you never walk away actually making a profit? Well this is the training for you!

Come and hang out with me for a few hours and I will show you just how to reach out to brands and get them to pay you to have your event! How to get free items (GOOD ITEMS) for your swag bags! How to even land a venue for no cost at all!

Are you tired of dishing out your own money to make no money? Well, I worked for a few years in the fundraising field for a nonprofit and learned the ins and outs of how to get brands to give you free stuff and easy money!

In this course you will:

Learn to pitch

Who to pitch to

How to write a donation request letter

How to write a sponsorship letter

When to start planning


And as a retired wedding planner and social media expert I will also teach you:

How to get the most bang for you buck

How to properly host an event

Key tips for selling tickets

How to use social media to your advantage

How to have a well decorated event



Invest in yourself and learn how to host an event for free!!


Time: Noon-4

Location: Sent with purchase (Philadelphia, PA)

Included: Lunch, PDF sample letters, Swag bag, two hour class with Q&A on all above topics, and BONUS: Influencer course (How to work with brands for a profit)

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No Refunds or Exchnges

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