Have you ever been snorkeling before? Well this was my first time. I must say that it is a lot of mind over matter. I was okay at first and then it got to be too much work to tread water. I mean I had a noodle and everything and I just couldn’t keep it together. Not to mention that I couldn’t figure out how to breathe and hold my breath at the same time. Wait, I think you aren’t supposed to hold your breath right? Whatever it was totally confusing.
We started the day hitting up this resort breakfast place, was pretty good actually. I will clue you guys in on a little secret. The food in Costa Rica is pretty good. You can’t be afraid of the whole in the wall places. They generally have the best food. Coke didn’t have the best meals on the trip. He just didn’t know what to order. I went with safe, ordered all the local foods.
We spent the next few days in Playa Flamingo. It was pretty resort like. There were a lot of tourist attraction and excursions. The beach was white and so pretty. But I will say it was super cold. The water wasn’t the best to just jump right in and swim. With us going during the dry season I was sure that we would have hot water and hot weather. I was slightly wrong. It didn’t seem all that hot the first few days that we were in Flamingo. It was pretty breezy most of the day so that helped. But the temperature ranged from 91 to 99 degrees the whole 8 days of our trip.
This was also not your typical vacation beach scene. There weren’t umbrellas lining the entire beach or cabanas either. I don’t know about you but I actually enjoyed that. There was more space. Plus it made it easier to interact with others and stretch out.
After leaving the beach, we headed back to our room and changed to get ready to snorkel. We met some really cute newlyweds on the boat. I mean they were just adorable. Then there were other characters on the boat too. One older chick that just couldn’t stop voicing her opinion about EVERYTHING! Then some guy who walked on the boat talking about the house he was getting ready to buy. I mean just so obnoxious like! Not to forget the hippie that tried to give me relationship advice, Coke hated her! It was fun. I highly recommend the snorkel party boats. They give you food, drinks, and it’s a pretty good atmosphere to meet some cool people. We got to watch the sunset while on the boat! It was so pretty. I have read on many travel blogs that Costa Rica has the best sunset views, and from what I saw, they were right!

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