You know what the struggle has been with writing lately? Mostly that I just hate preaching to people and feeling like I can get all super-spiritual. That’s really not what I am trying to do. But what can I say when I feel a shift in my writing. I still very much so care about parenting and an occasional mommy rant. But for the most part I just want to impart knowledge and give some advice.

NO, I’M NOT PERFECT! I don’t do everything right, but I try and my heart is ALWAYS in the right place. You are probably asking where this is all coming from. Well, the last three weeks I have been on a church wide fast. If you know anything about fasting, it is by far the best way to open yourself up to hear clearly from God. During the course of the fast I have found something I know God is calling me to do. So before I walk down this road that will force some major changes on me, I want to let the world know that, I’M NOT PERFECT.

God calls all types of people and for some reason the greatest people he calls are the ones with a very interesting story. Meaning that usually we haven’t walked the straight and narrow. Usually we struggled along the way and made mistakes that people have either physically seen or heard about. But, oh well!! So what!! Who hasn’t made them? Who is perfect, perfect isn’t all its cut out to be anyway.

In the coming months I will be launching something that will completely blow the minds of some people and cause them to say things like “Who does she think she is”, “Did God really call her to do this”, “Wasn’t she the one that …”. Let me answer these critics questions and set the record straight now:

Who Does She Think She Is?

Well, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a royal priesthood, a peculiar people, a chosen generation. I am a child of God and I am also flesh! I am human, I am just like you!

Did God Really Call Her To Do This?

Yes, he did!! He called me and he anointed me for just a time as this. He called me and he wanted to use me for this. Apparently I have something on the inside of me that showed God that I was the perfect person for this job. He woke me up for three weeks straight with dreams and visions. He put something so big on my heart that I couldn’t say no to. He surrounded me around some awesome women and friends that are pushing me in the right direction.

Wasn’t She The One That..?

Yup! Sure was. I was the one that had sex before marriage. I was the one that had a baby and my father is a pastor. Yes, I was the one that probably cussed you out on Snap Chat, Facebook, or Instagram a week ago. Yup, that’s me! But so what!! We have all fallen short, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay down and out. I am not perfect and honestly my goal isn’t to try to be. My goal is to evolve. My goal is to promote change and growth. Will I make a mistake again? I’m pretty sure I have already and I don’t even know it yet. But the funny thing is, so have you!


So in the coming weeks when I launch, yet another new thing that I am doing, have an open mind. Because for the most part the ones that have the most to say negative about a thing are usually the ones that need to be apart of that thing!

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10 thoughts on “No I’m Not Perfect

  1. Yes you are fearfully and wonderfully made!!! Your gift is needed for such a time as this!! I am tuned and and ready to support whatever God has blessed you with! Praying for you during this journey!!!

  2. Love this. I too struggle sometimes with writing things that I worry will be misconstrued by people thinking I “have it all” or think I know it all. I’m just trying to figure it all out, just like everyone else, but what a wonderful thing to be able to share our journeys and the insights we have along the way.

  3. We are all constantly evolving…. and I think it is wise for us to realize it. While I am not religious, I do believe that each of us have a path in life.

  4. YES!!!!! Amen!!! This blog post is definitely for the season that my family is entering into. I have been so doubting myself because of all my imperfections. Thank you so much for posting this

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