As this Mother’s Day comes to a close I thought I would write a letter to each of my children expressing just how much they mean to me.

Dear Chubbs,

Where do I start? Our relationship is a growing process and we haven’t really mastered it entirely yet. I know that you probably think I’m the hardest on you because I have the most rules and I require so much from you. But I’m sorry to say that comes with being the oldest. Even though I didn’t give birth to you, I still try to love you just as my own. I’m still not the best at that just yet but I’m working on that too. I find you to be a remarkable little person. Your mind works in ways that I can’t even imagine. You are smarter than most kids your age and I’m very proud of how hard you work in school! Even though it may not seem like it all the time, I do love you! If I didn’t I wouldn’t care so much about your well being. I pray for you every day and I hope for you to have the brightest future ever!



To My Unborn Child,

Even though our journey has just begun I’m excited to meet you soon. Carrying a child is one of the greatest gifts that God allowed women. I get to feel you move first, your heart beats on the same note as mine, and I have the pleasure of holding you the closest that anybody ever can. If I’m being honest you were not planned and Daddy and I had no idea we would be welcoming a baby into our lives this early. Not everything about this pregnancy has been easy either. I mean geesh you sure do hate almost everything that I eat or look at these days. I’m anticipating your first kick, finding out if you’re a boy or girl, and welcoming you into this world. Every day I pray for you too! Pray that you are not only healthy but smart, funny, friendly, respectful, ambitious, and God fearing. You are the means by which I have made it this far in this season and you will never know how much that means to mommy. I love you and I can’t wait to get to know you!



To My Dearest Son Camden,

Lord, smh! You have been my everything since the day you were born. You came out looking exactly like your father but possessed every single prayer that I had said over you for the 40 weeks I carried you along. You have been the mere source of my strength. Because of you I am exactly who God has called me to be and at the time he called me. You make me push harder. You force me to consider everything around me before making any decision. You know me better than anyone else and you’ve probably known me the shortest of most the people closest to me. Camden there is so much that I could say to you. So much that I want to steer you away from. But I know the God in you. I know that you are fully equipped for the path God has called you down. I know for the longest it’s been just me in your corner and you have struggled so much with an absentee father. And I know with all that’s going on in your life with your dad that you will need me more than ever moving forward. So just know this, regardless of whatever you are feeling, whatever you decide to do, and however you choose to react, your mom will ALWAYS be in your corner. I may not know the feelings you have personally but I’m here to hear them and bare them with you. I love you to the moon and back and I always will!



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