I have been holding off on this interview for the last few months due to my third trimester ups and downs. But I wanted to wait until I could give this one my full attention. Keelay is one of my oldest and closest friends. I pretty much can read her like an open book. We are those friends that can go months or years without talking and still pick right up where we left off. I am proud to call her a friend and to see her grow into this incredible mom and creative. Below is my interview with the creator of MOMish:

momE: We have been friends for years and I pretty much know your love story and birth stories. What I want to know more about is your brand and podcast MOMish, what is the birth story of that?

Keelay: MOMish Podcast was inspired from my life. Everything that I’ve tried in life I would do for a moment and then either become bored with it or just give up on it. BUT then I became a MOM and there is no boredom in being a mom and you can’t just up and quit the most important job ever, LOL! SO when I was pregnant I would constantly talk to my husband about everything and he then became overwhelmed with all of my chatting, lol, so I said I wish I could have my own show to just talk about parenthood comedy and woes = MOMISH
MOMish is a podcast that is a community of parents that come together to chat it up and talk about any and everything. I was inspired from the show BLACKish and GROWNish how they depict serious situations and make it relatable through comedy. On the set of MOMish Podcast (My Mom’s Kitchen) lol we have fun we have a saying for each Facebook live episode “All Moms need Wine Right” so every Sunday we have our wine glasses ready and we dig into topics such as Single Moms and Blended Families. We have fun, we laugh, we make jokes of those serious sometimes painful life memories to get through it all together

momE: Hahahaha! I know that feeling of talking to your husband about mom stuff and him not really being able to relate lol. I also know how it can be a challenge to get an idea off the ground. Was there any fear or hesitation when you were getting the podcast rolling? If so how did you overcome that?

Keelay: There is always hesitation with me with anything because I always question myself but once the vision came to light, I jumped in and it felt amazing! I began to partner with Abnormal Vision who is owned by Curtis Surratt and he completely assisted me with my boldness, his creative visions and input took away all fear I had because now I had a team, a support system. My husband, My mom, My sisters, and My Friends all supported the vision and that was like taking a huge anxiety pill that took away all fear and doubt… #Blessed

M: Totally get that! Having a supportive unit to keep you motivated is a MUST! Because how can you effectively impact the world if you don’t have the support you need. Which leads me to my next question. What would you say is the main goal behind your brand?

K: Soooooo here’s the thing when you become a parent, there is no handy dandy notebook that gives you all the rules and regulations of what to expect lol! I think some of us think we already know it all any way but then when moments come up that you’re not prepared for like the single mom who didn’t think she would EVER be a single mom because her relationship was so amazing, or the dad who doesn’t know how to handle his baby girl growing up, or the Mom who doesn’t know how to take time for herself and be sexy anymore…. What about the mom that needs to know when is it okay to introduce her kids to her new boo— OR WAIT the mom who can’t have kids and thinks she’s the only woman in the world with infertility issues. Fact is we all go through the same ordeals in some place, some time or another SO this podcast speaks volume to a wide range of audience of MOMS, DADS, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents, friends and whomever is interested in the topics really because they’re common, serious, but FUN because life is too short to be serious ALL the time.

M: This is so true. I feel like the real and the raw is never addressed real and raw. That’s exactly what I try to bring to my blog as well. And the fact that not only moms can relate makes it even better. But how do you manage your business and being a mom and wife?

K: I have THEE most supportive Husband eveeeeerrrrrr! He supports me in everything that I do and that plays a huge role. With him by my side, prayer, and motivation to impact the parenthood community it all comes to be a fun hobby. If I need to record, do a panel discussion, work on improving my brand, networking, etc. He always steps up to the plate and does whatever is needed. His belief in me and his encouragement motivates me.

M: Awe, how nice is Jon!! lol. I give him a hard time because that’s just our relationship, lol, but I can see the support from all the way back here. I love how you touched on prayer. I feel like that is the one thing that I do with every choice and step that I make. We are both super religious women. What do you say to the people who see you having a glass of wine on your lives or knowing that you drink? Is that something that you have faced or is that only a PK issue, lol?

K: That is not something that I have faced personally, I believe in being transparent. I am a Christian Woman, but I am not perfect and I’m not getting drunk and belligerent on the show just sipping wine with my sisters, mom, and guest Moms on the show. It allows a Mom-Break if you will for all that’s watching and they absolutely love it because “All Moms Need Wine Right?!” They look forward to 4pm on Sundays where we come together sip a glass and enjoy real and necessary conversation.

M: Oh okay. So it’s only a me issue lol! Totally get it, and TOTALLY understand. Every mom needs a break and deserves one. So what’s to come from MOMish? Is there anything new we should be looking out for from the MOMish Brand? What can we expect to see in the new year from you?

K: MOMish is taking on a lot of important topics this season, I won’t reveal them all just yet because I have an upcoming promotion video that will give viewers a preview into what to expect. However, in the New Year, you will be able to see MOMish step more into the community, mentoring and engaging with children of the community—adopting them and encouraging them as much as possible. With all that’s going on in the daily news, now if not ever is time to pour back into the community. I will be collaborating with some amazing non-profit organizations as well— More to come…. Follow @momishpodcast for more details.

momE: Thats great! I am super proud of you and all that you do as a friend, mom, wife, and christian.  If you could give the younger you a piece of advice to prepare for the new you, what would it be?

Keelay: I would say be fearless, be bold, and embrace what God has given to you. I’ve always been the person to downplay my gifts and hide myself in the background. Becoming a Mom gave me “Super Powers” because I realized that I wanted my children to see a Mom that would never give up no matter the circumstances, a Mom that fought for what she wanted in life, A Mom that was determined and persistent in her dreams, A praying Mom, A Mom that had Faith and never questioned the Power of God in her life….. #MOMish


Please check out the MOMish podcast each and every Sunday at 4pm on facebook. You can also follow her on IG @momishpodcast … Thanks again Keelay for sharing your inspiring story with my mom followers. We are always looking to hear from other moms who are out here doin’ it!

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