Let me first give a little introduction to this amazing women. We met almost 5 years ago when I was dropping my son off at daycare for the first time. Our sons are have been best of friends since then. Our relationship steamed from there but was never limited to just that. We have a to in common with a growing family, marriage, and business. Shar’del has a very fast growing YouTube channel and is just starting out as a photographer. I love her spirit and her joy for life. While working hard and being a stay at home she seems to have it all figured out. Let’s see what she has to say about balancing life:

momE: My readers are young women and moms who are looking to grow their own businesses. I know you relate to them because you were them. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you offer from your brand?

Shardel: Well first to start out with a little about myself, I am a 28 year old mom & wife of three. I have been building my brand for about 3 years now. Currently my brand offers natural care, lifestyle, and beauty videos via Youtube. I have also began to evolve into photography, video editing, and social media management recently. I like to offer a little bit of everything when it comes to my brand.

momE: What are some principles and guidelines that you live by?

Shardel: One of the main principles I like to remind myself of daily is “Only I can motivate me.” Being a youtube creator can be difficult because the youtube world is so saturated with people doing the same things. Sometimes watching other peoples videos can become toxic. So I try to keep in mind that I have to do what I like and find ways to motivate myself daily. One of my main guidelines are “do what I say Im going to do”. If I plan to film video the next day I need to make sure I do all the necessary before work to make filming easier for me the next day. Mommy’s have to plan ahead!

M: I love chatting with other moms who are making it happen, what would you say motivated you to start your brand?

S: I became motivated to start my own brand while pregnant with my second son. I remember watching Mahogany Curls (youtuber) doing her hair all the time on youtube. It got me thinking hey, I can do that. I had left my job when I first became pregnant with my son so I had time and opportunity to finally focus in on what I like to do. Find myself for myself.

M: How is it that you juggle being a mom, wife, and having your own business?

S: Juggling mom, wife, and business owner can be very difficult. It calls for late nights and no naps for me at all. Its easy to get wrapped up into everyone around you. I try to remember me at some point of the day. In doing that I normally use nap time or a hour or two after bedtime to either prepare for filming the next day or doing anything that will be beneficial to my brand.

M: How does it help or hurt your brand to have such a well known football player like Joe Hayden as a brother-in-law? I know so many people think that if they just knew the right people their business would skyrocket, but is that really even true?

S: Honestly, it doesn’t help or hurt that Joe Haden is my brother in law. I don’t really marry the two together. In addition to that, not many people notice that he is a part of my family. It really almost never comes up. And if it does I just say Im married to his brother and thats normally where the conversation stops lol.

M: Mixing family time and work has been a struggle for women over the decades. How would you say you handle that with adding in being a stay at home mother and having multiple businesses under your brand?

S: Balancing family time and work in addition to being a stay at home mom can be very tricky. What helps me the most is planning ahead and compartmentalizing my day. So theres time for just about everything IF the day goes as I plan. Sometimes that method is successful, other times I have to get in where I fit in. Either way, I work it out.

M: If you could give the younger you a piece of advice to prepare for the new you, what would it be?

S: I would tell the younger me that “only I can stop me, SO DON’T STOP”

Where can you find her: Instagram and YouTube

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11 thoughts on “Interview With Shar’del Hayden

  1. I loved hearing your story, Shar’del! It is very motivating and encouraging for me as a mom blogger to hear about other moms being successful in the online world. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Inspirational for sure! Balancing mom life and trying to grow a brand is so difficult and consuming so it is great to see others being successful at it.

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