The last few days I have been hurt. Usually I would just write and put it out there for the world to read. But Every time I get to the ending I just delete it all and start over. I guess that’s because I am not writing from the heart….so, here goes nothing:

Marriage is hard. 

You hear people say that all the time. Honestly you don’t always believe it. Sometimes you take a look back at the person and their relationship and you say, “Nah y’all just crazy“. Well, I got news for you, Marriage is actually hard. And every married person knows that. So it drives me crazy that with only being 7 months in people are asking me everyday, “So how is married life?“. I don’t know you nutcase! How was your marriage 7 months in?

The hardest part for me is wanting to be accepted and wanting to be heard. Most days I feel like I walk around the house repeating myself constantly saying the same thing over and over again. Just to get the response “Nah, I don’t remember you saying that or seeing it on the calendar.” Other days, I’m confused why I feel like the third wheel when things come up. Like I’m still a girlfriend and his family is still getting use to me coming around.

It’s been hard. And no, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I’m sure if Coke had his own blog he would have a ton to say about the things that get under his skin. But luckily, he doesn’t, lol!

I’m sure you are waiting for some tips on how to help your marriage…well so am I, ha! If you have them please share them. All I know for now is that there are a lot of tears in the beginning. A lot of times when I don’t even want to look at Coke because he just doesn’t seem to get what being married really means. You know what I do? I get in the car on my way to work and I worship and I cry out to God. The one thing I learned this past year is that you can’t put your trust in man. God is the only person that can supply all your needs. So when I feel like I’m missing something or that Coke just doesn’t get me. I turn to Jesus who in which all my help comes from. When it’s too much to bare, I pray. When I can’t cry any more in the shower, I give it all to the lord.

Now before I get text and calls from family asking me if we are doing okay, we are!!! Don’t call me or text me or anything about my marriage. We are a normal newlywed couple. Still figuring it all out. Someone wise told me today, the hardest part about marriage is the becoming one. And Lord do I agree. It’s hard to see eye to eye and it’s hard to walk with the same foot. But we are trying. God has his hand on my marriage and we will get there. But if another person ask me “How is married life?” I swear by Jesus I might scream!

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