Family First in 2017

I have been getting a lot of heat for not blogging. I know all my readers miss me and honestly I miss you guys too!! It has been a struggle to try to find something to write about. Not that I don’t have anything to say, because of course there are things. But what I have noticed is that since the engagement I am a lot more focused on getting ready for marriage than I am on writing.
The thing that happens once you get engaged is that you start to line your ducks up in a row. Coke and I have spent so much time trying to figure things out before the big day that I have found my family is my main focus at this time. Not that I don’t care about you all and want you to be included. I DO! More than you know. But I am in the purging period of my life. I am weeding out the bad and working on being better at the good.
I have discovered that once I am married a lot of my life will have to stay private. Don’t worry it will still be juicy and interesting. I just have to keep my personal life and social media and blog life slightly more separate. That’s not to say that I will not post anymore or have anything to say. Just that I want to enjoy these few months before getting married with my family and my new family. I want to live in those moments more than I want to capture them.
During the holidays I spent all my time actually living in the moment. Didn’t do any snaps, IG post, Facebook pics, or hardly took any pictures at all. Because of that I think I had the best Christmas ever! I was able to just enjoy it and not try to get a good photo or the best lighting. This was Coke’s and my first Christmas with our children together. I wanted to make sure they were our main focus and not my readers.
And before anyone ask me if this is all Coke’s doing…it’s not! He asked me multiple times when I was going to write my next post and it wasn’t until after watching the Kim and Kanye video today (yes, it always comes back to Kim K ) that I understood why I have been so distant. Family is literally all we have. It’s the thing that draws me and my fiancé together and what makes me the best version of myself. In the next coming months before my wedding I want to enjoy all the time with my family that I can. My life will be changing in ways. I will be moving to Philly and Coke will take the most important role in my life now (after God of course). And there are things that I need to work on before that happens. I would love to take you on that journey with me, but I can’t. I owe it to myself and my future husband to enjoy this more intimate time in getting to know each other, with just him and our new family. So bear with me while I travel this road. Once the wedding gets closer and as things progress, I will be posting more and letting you guys in on our big day. Expect some post about cool things that are going on with me here and there. But know that I love guys and we should all remember to put family first.
(Here are some more recent pics to hold you over)

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