I am famous for my rants. Coke is the only one that I can rant to because he is the only one that will listen. I went on a rant last week about him shopping at Family Dollar. So because that rant was about him and not Kim and Taylor, he didn’t want to hear it. So I have decided to put my weekly rants on the blog. I mean hey, why not! That’s what you guys are here for, to listen to my crazy antics. So here goes nothing:

Coke is a very well to do individual. He makes a great living for himself. So it would blow my mind when I would show up at his apartment and have to sleep on pillows that had balls inside of them instead of feathers. I mean literally they were flat!! Gross. I want something to drink and I would have to search to find a normal drinking glass. Let’s not even start on the bathroom that I had to scrub it, from top to bottom. When I say top to bottom I really do mean that. I scrubbed the ceiling of his bathroom. SMH!

So being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I went out and got him new pillows, nice plates to eat off, new glasses, and like I said I cleaned. WELL LET ME TELL YOU WHAT HE DID! He gonna call me the other day and say that he is headed to Family Dollar. I was like on okay *insert eye roll emoji here*!  But whatever this is his favorite place to shop and usually I don’t care. UNTIL TODAY. I called him back and was just having normal conversation for him to tell me that he picked up some new pillows today:

  • I just got you new pillows. Why did you get pillows if you already have FOUR new pillows!


It all started to come together at this point. This is why the pillows he had starting out where so flat! BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAP! Then I started my rant:

You buy so much crap from Family Dollar. Like why would you waste your money on items from there when you can afford to shop at Target or even Walmart if you are looking for a bargain. Think about it. When you buy soap out of Family Dollar the soap is cheap and it might be Dove BUT it’s smaller than your normal bar of soap. It’s tiny. You are spending $3.00 on a tiny bar of soap when you can spend $4.00 and get a normal bar. Not only that but who buys one bar of soap? Who buys the three pack of soap from Family Dollar when you can buy a 6 pack and spend a dollar difference but get three extra bars!! It doesn’t make any sense to me. AND PILLOWS! You don’t even need pillows. I just got you pillows. Plus, I spent less than you on more pillows and you purchased cheap pillows that will not last two weeks before going flat. And then there is the boxer briefs. WHY, would you buy boxers out of Family Dollar? You are literally getting two pair in the pack for $6.00 and when you wash them they are going to never fit again because they are not good quality. It’s the same thing when you buy a t-shirt out of H&M and wash it. You could have spent 5 more dollars and got it from Zara and when you raise your arms it wouldn’t show your belly button.


I was so mad!!! I literally didn’t stop talking about this for a good 10-15 minutes. The entire time he was just laughing and saying “Babe stop” lol. I mean I’m sure it was funny and I am not sure if I was more upset that he spent money on a bunch of crap or that he went out and got new pillows when I just upgraded him. UGH, SO ANNOYING!

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4 thoughts on “Family Dollar Rant

  1. Our family dollar store you can’t even get around in the isle. The store is a mess and you can’t find anything if you even wanted to. Your right on the smaller size quantities.

  2. This is so funny. I also hate Family Dollar, my mom is obsessed with that place. She buys CLOTHES from there. HOW AWFUL. Probably pillows too lol

    xoxo, Sam | thehauntedhousewife.com

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