Day 2 of the trip was pretty cool. I mean if you count all the driving that we did and finally making it to our second destination. Like seriously we drove about three hours to the Volcano and Waterfall, then another three to our home for the next three days.
Let me first start by saying that these Ticos drive like crazy people!! I mean they let you go around other cars, JUST BECAUSE! The speed limit changes every 10 minutes. There are no street signs and no addresses. They don’t have marked streets and you have no idea where you are headed. It is totally mind blowing. The only other place I have ever been with nutty drivers is NYC. Trust me if you can drive in NYC you would have a run for your money here.
We even had the pleasure of being pulled over by a cop. The ticket was $180 for no seat belt. Now just so we are clear, I just told y’all how crazy these people drive and how fast they go, so there is no reason that Coke shouldn’t have worn his seat belt. But that’s neither here or there. The police makes their money off of the tickets that they give out. And because most can’t afford to pay their tickets, most Costa Ricans don’t drive. They take bikes everywhere or motorcycles.
Driving through Costa Rica was very pretty though. I mean it is one of the prettiest places I have ever been to. (Sidebar: I haven’t been too that many places but I would have to say that I think this will always be one of my favorites). It’s located inside of mountains, high up. We saw houses that were so far up and high that it was inside of the clouds. So pretty. The flowers and the tress, waterfalls and the hiking, all beautiful! With all the driving that we did on day one, the reward was all the sightseeing!

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