Hey Fellow Moms-to-be,

Aren’t you just so happy to be carrying this little nightmare in your womb? Are you just as excited like everyone else when you announced your pregnancy? Or were you more like me, sick to your stomach trying to hold in the gas from not even being able to eat? What about your husband telling you how beautiful you are every minute? Is that to driving you nuts yet? Or are you “glowing” with joy!

I agree pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I mean I actually love carrying my babies. But the first three months are just not always as fun. Yet, everyone around you seems to just be in such awe about it. I remember being at church one Sunday while still hiding my pregnancy having to run to the bathroom in anticipation for the vomit that that I thought was going to give it all away. But no! False alarm, it was just my stomach telling me, “I know you are starving and thinking about food, but I just want to remind you what I would do to you if you ate.”

Then people offer you all these remedies for being sick. But do they realize that by the time you even tell them you are pregnant those remedies actually do you no good? I mean I have practically thrown up just from eating the ginger everyone so loudly praised! Not to mention how you probably work with a bunch of people who don’t know up from down. They are all annoying as heck and they expect you to be the pregnant women that is upset with them only because you’re hormones are raging. When in reality it’s because they are complete idiots and the pregnancy has nothing to do with you lashing out its just a great excuse to use and not get fired!

Are you tired? Have you gotten a good nights sleep momma? Oh, don’t worry I totally get it. You sleep all day but the pregnancy dreams wake you up startled and you feel like you just ran a marathon after one of them. Not to mention the fact that comfort and sleep no longer go together. You know how it was 30 degrees the other night but your body only produces heat so you feel like it’s 110 and you can’t explain to your family why you want to turn the air on in February. Speaking of heat, you have the joy of caring a summer baby!! Yay you! You booked that trip to Jamaica the week before you pee’d on that stick and got the ever so exciting news. Now you just can’t wait to waste the three thousand dollars on bottled water, dry resort chicken, and literally baking in the sun from not being able to enjoy the free water sports. Think you are going to be cute laying on the beach huh? Sure!! Of course you will be. You will be hot and completely unbothered but the fact there is a little minion inside of you rolling around and doing laps.

Pregnancy is a pain in the butt. But it’s all worth it in the end! Seeing that little ones face, meeting them for the first time. Your heart has never felt so much joy. All the crazy that comes with being pregnant will soon be over. Well, except your husband telling you how great you look when your little monster is bitting on your nipple and keeping you up at 3 am in the morning while he sleeps.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Momma

  1. I remember being so tired in the in the beginning of my pregnancies. All I wanted to do was take a nap. I even more exhausted when taking care of other kids.

  2. So true! I never enjoyed being pregnant. I’m glad I was able to have the experience and truly understand how miraculous it is, but I would be just fine if I never did it again.

  3. It really is SO SO worth it! And most of the time, I loved being pregnant. I didn’t love the morning sickness, but there is so much about it that I miss, as crazy as that sounds 🙂

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