• The Why

    The Why 2

    For the longest time I have been praying for God to change the heart of my husband not knowing that there was something bigger that I needed to be praying for. Listen to my mini message (that went a little longer than it should have, lol) on what God spoke to me about how to see a change in my husband. I hope you enjoy!   And MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE PLEASE AND COMMENT BELOW OR ON THE PODCAST…trust me I don’t bite! Please follow and like us:

  • The Why

    Eve and Submission

    God laid it on my heart to talk first about the women in the bible. So I thought it was only fitting to first talk about Eve. Not only because I feel like we never really talk about her but mostly because I believe that since she was the first woman to be created it’s only right that we start with her. Follow along with The Why of Eve. Let me know what you think too. I would love to hear your feed back!  Please follow and like us:

  • The Why

    Introducing The Why

    I am so excited to be sharing with you all my new Vlog series called The Why. During this vloging journey I will be sharing what I like to call mini sermons on the different topics God has called me to talk about to my readers. As you may have noticed I have decided to step away with my event planning business because I think God has pushed me into another direction. Check out the Intro Vlog to The Why below. I hope you enjoy it.  Please follow and like us:

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