So Corey surprised me this weekend with a trip to Baltimore for our baby moon. Which we weren’t even sure that we would be able to with everything happening around us, it just didn’t seem like we had the time. So without knowing the location or what all we were doing I was told to pack a bag and bring some walking shoes and we were off.

We stayed at this pretty amazing hotel in the heart of Fells Point, The Admiral Fell Inn. We had talked before about going to Cape May for this adventure and trying out a B&B. Well, when that fell through Corey picked out the perfect hotel that reminded of just the same vibes.

What I loved most about this trip was the amazing food that we had. We both really enjoy eating and spend most of our travel time trying out new and exciting restaurants. We had really good Mexican food, a nice dinner, and a really amazing brunch.

Everything was just what I thought that it would be. We were able to enjoy some alone time before the baby comes. Having this time really is important. Once our little guy gets here the chance that we will get a weekend away will probably be very few and far between. I hope you enjoy the pics from our trip. Let me know if you want to visit any of the places there. I am more than willing to give more details to what we did and answer any questions.

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