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    Labels, Who Needs Them

      Am I a mother? What about a Christian? I’m a woman, but I’m also a wife. Are these the things that dictate me? Are these the labels that I must live under? After posting my very well received blog last week, I started to really think about the labels that are me. The ones that are suppose to define who I am every day. You know what I mean right? When you tell your friend how you feel about something and they go, “Girl you’re his wife, that’s what you pose to do.” Or like when you going to a church service and you try to figure out if…

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    Now For The Test

    If you follow my blog then you should remember me writing about my rape in an older post, My Testimony Before The Test. If you haven’t been following I suggest you check that post out first so you are all caught up. Well, here I am, married and struggling in my sex life. I reread that post before I decided to write this and I cried and weeped the entire time. At first, I wasn’t going to write about this. It’s super personal and doesn’t just speak about me but my husband as well. But I decided that I needed an outlet. I needed to tell my story and keep…

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    Dear Momma

      Hey Fellow Moms-to-be, Aren’t you just so happy to be carrying this little nightmare in your womb? Are you just as excited like everyone else when you announced your pregnancy? Or were you more like me, sick to your stomach trying to hold in the gas from not even being able to eat? What about your husband telling you how beautiful you are every minute? Is that to driving you nuts yet? Or are you “glowing” with joy! I agree pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I mean I actually love carrying my babies. But the first three months are just not always as fun. Yet, everyone around you seems…

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    God and Relationship

    With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner in just two days, I have been thinking so much about the things in my life that I just can’t live without. Of course there is my family and friends but there is also my relationship with Christ. I have gotten to a place where I have been able to make my relationship with God a lot more personal. Sometimes in relationships we try to make it so “Pinterest Perfect”. And when we do that with God we pretty much neglect the whole idea of an actual relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to pour into our relationship with God because we don’t know where…

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    Interview With Shar’del Hayden

      Let me first give a little introduction to this amazing women. We met almost 5 years ago when I was dropping my son off at daycare for the first time. Our sons are have been best of friends since then. Our relationship steamed from there but was never limited to just that. We have a to in common with a growing family, marriage, and business. Shar’del has a very fast growing YouTube channel and is just starting out as a photographer. I love her spirit and her joy for life. While working hard and being a stay at home she seems to have it all figured out. Let’s see…

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    How Is Married Life

      The last few days I have been hurt. Usually I would just write and put it out there for the world to read. But Every time I get to the ending I just delete it all and start over. I guess that’s because I am not writing from the heart….so, here goes nothing: Marriage is hard.  You hear people say that all the time. Honestly you don’t always believe it. Sometimes you take a look back at the person and their relationship and you say, “Nah y’all just crazy“. Well, I got news for you, Marriage is actually hard. And every married person knows that. So it drives me…

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    No I’m Not Perfect

    You know what the struggle has been with writing lately? Mostly that I just hate preaching to people and feeling like I can get all super-spiritual. That’s really not what I am trying to do. But what can I say when I feel a shift in my writing. I still very much so care about parenting and an occasional mommy rant. But for the most part I just want to impart knowledge and give some advice. NO, I’M NOT PERFECT! I don’t do everything right, but I try and my heart is ALWAYS in the right place. You are probably asking where this is all coming from. Well, the last…

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    Awfully Sorry Podcast

    If you are following me on Instagram you know that Coke and I have been working on a Podcast. Well, the big day is near. We will be laughing our podcast On January 17. Showcasing a few episodes so you can get a feel for us and determine if you want to keep listening or not. What topic or niche are we coming from? Good question, we will be talking about everything. Just general topics mostly but all from the perspective of our blended family. Coke and I are polar opposites. We don’t agree most times on politics, health, child rearing, family structure, or anything for that matter. I’m sure…

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    Shopping on Facebook Marketplace

    Are you not obsessed with HGTV? Well I am! I live for all the shows on that network. My favorite is by far Fixer Upper. You wouldn’t even believe what I am the most fascinated about on the show: WHEN THEY GO ANTIQUING!! I have been shopping and decorating my house in the same way I feel Joe would…or so I think, lol! So what I decided to do is share how I have done it and how easy it is. For instance my entire entry way and living room I designed with the help of my husband for all under $350. Funniest thing about it is I did most…

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    Jay Day

        JAYDAY!! Who doesn’t want a Beyonce inspired birthday party?? I must say it was so much fun (and a headache too) to plan this party for one of my funniest friends, Jamie. From toga party theme, to outdoor brunch, and then a weekend in the Poconos, this girl had no idea what she wanted, lol! But leave it to me to completely ignore EVERYTHING that she said and go after what I know about her: Simple. Fun. Cute.  I think I delivered just that! What do you think?     Venue: Lost Society, Washington, DC Event Planner: momE (That’s me) DJ: DJ Mike Please follow and like us:

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