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    Evening Wedding Style

        During the last month of my pregnancy I wanted to do one more outfit SLAY!! I knew that I was going to an after 5 wedding and for one of the flyest couples that I know. So I wanted to stand out. I really wanted to look sexy with my bump and enjoy my last night out. I decided on this black dress with all this tulle. It was so cute! Did numbers on my super large boobs, hahaha, and also made me look all belly too! I felt super sexy and I was able to squeeze my fat feet into heels too! So what a WIN! I…

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    Interview With The Creator of MOMish Keelay Carter

      I have been holding off on this interview for the last few months due to my third trimester ups and downs. But I wanted to wait until I could give this one my full attention. Keelay is one of my oldest and closest friends. I pretty much can read her like an open book. We are those friends that can go months or years without talking and still pick right up where we left off. I am proud to call her a friend and to see her grow into this incredible mom and creative. Below is my interview with the creator of MOMish: momE: We have been friends for years…

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    NEW momE Service

      So I have been getting a lot of emails and inquiries about how I started my blog and how I gained my followers. I guess people are interested in me or something, lol! But I am willing to share. I want to show you just how I went from having about 300 readers a week when I post new content, to now having near 4,000 readers a week. There are a ton of ways that I advertise, promote, and share my content and I want to help you do the same! Not only will I share with you how I grew the blog but I am also going to…

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    So Here’s The Thing

        So many times I find myself so stuck with trying to decide if I should say something or if I am right for how I feel about situations. Then I find myself letting a lot of things go. I don’t confront the person that is the real problem because I have people in my ear telling me that’s not right. Don’t say that. Just take it, be the bigger person, you have to deal with it, and some more crap! Well, I think I am beyond that. I am tired of being the person that sits back and lets someone just walk all over me because the person…

  • The Why

    The Why 2

    For the longest time I have been praying for God to change the heart of my husband not knowing that there was something bigger that I needed to be praying for. Listen to my mini message (that went a little longer than it should have, lol) on what God spoke to me about how to see a change in my husband. I hope you enjoy!   And MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE PLEASE AND COMMENT BELOW OR ON THE PODCAST…trust me I don’t bite! Please follow and like us:

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      So Corey surprised me this weekend with a trip to Baltimore for our baby moon. Which we weren’t even sure that we would be able to with everything happening around us, it just didn’t seem like we had the time. So without knowing the location or what all we were doing I was told to pack a bag and bring some walking shoes and we were off. We stayed at this pretty amazing hotel in the heart of Fells Point, The Admiral Fell Inn. We had talked before about going to Cape May for this adventure and trying out a B&B. Well, when that fell through Corey picked out…

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    What I’ve Learned About Step Parenting

    One of the struggles for me this year has been becoming a step mom. Not because I don’t love my step son or because I put my son’s need before his, or anything crazy like that. But mostly because I care too much! As moms we tend to go a little overboard. I know this to be true because my mother is the prime example. I love her to Heaven and back again, but she can do the most. But that’s not knocking her. It’s in a mother’s nature to do that. For myself I am overly invested my kids. I am always looking for ways to add more to…

  • The Why

    Eve and Submission

    God laid it on my heart to talk first about the women in the bible. So I thought it was only fitting to first talk about Eve. Not only because I feel like we never really talk about her but mostly because I believe that since she was the first woman to be created it’s only right that we start with her. Follow along with The Why of Eve. Let me know what you think too. I would love to hear your feed back!  Please follow and like us:

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    Introducing The Why

    I am so excited to be sharing with you all my new Vlog series called The Why. During this vloging journey I will be sharing what I like to call mini sermons on the different topics God has called me to talk about to my readers. As you may have noticed I have decided to step away with my event planning business because I think God has pushed me into another direction. Check out the Intro Vlog to The Why below. I hope you enjoy it.  Please follow and like us:

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    Interview With Sherelle Avery

        Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a woman that I have found to be such a great role model to me. We met around November of last year and instantly there was a divine connection. Since then Sherelle has been someone that I have literally laughed with, cried with, told all my business to, and aspire to be like when it comes to step parenting. Her brand and website gives advice and input on how to do this parenting thing and how to do it right! I am all about supporting other moms and getting them to share their stories. So naturally when I started…

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