I don’t think I ever told my birth story. I was reading through some of my fellow bloggers stories and thought I would tell you guys mine. So where do I begin??

It was a Friday evening and because of my crazy busy life, I had no time to go to a Lamaze class. So I ordered a Lamaze DVD and was watching that with Camden’s dad. I guess it was good that I watched that. It was very fresh in my mind what I needed to do when things started to kick off. Kodi, Camden’s dad had to head home and because I was fat and ready to pop at any minute, he parked the car all the way down the street and insisted that I walk him to the car. The entire way there I kept telling him that I was having some pain. I am a big girl and pain doesn’t usually get me all worked up. I just knew something was up. Of course Kodi knows everything and insisted that I was just “trippin”. Well I walked all the way back to my house, Nope! He did not drive me back. He made me walk!

When I got in the house the nesting part of it all kicked in. I went and started to organize Camden’s closet. Now let me mention, Camden was early. His expected due date was October 11th. I had him on the 1st. Nothing was done. I don’t even think I had a hospital bag. I don’t remember packing that at all. His crib was up and the other big things. But we hadn’t unpacked or organized anything. So I’m in his closet hanging clothes when I get this sharp pain in my side. Oh, it hurt so bad. But I’m tough. So I don’t think much of it. I just keep going. You know what was going through my head? I didn’t want to be one of those people who thought they were in labor when they weren’t. I didn’t want to cry wolf, if that makes sense.

While cleaning up, my sister calls. Let’s just call her Sister Mom. Oh my gosh how she played a role in this thing. You know how people get mad at the baby daddy during the birth, I got mad at her! I mean pissed! She calls me on facetime and as soon as she saw me she was like “Are you okay?” I told her that I was having some pain. Then a contraction hit. The first one I think I had. I was on facetime and I fell to the floor. It hurt like crazy! I started breathing just like they said in the video that I watched an hour prior. Sister Mom hangs up and called my parents who were upstairs. I’m not 100 percent what happened next. I think while my mom was on the phone with Sister Mom, I was climbing up the stairs trying to get to them. When I got up the stairs my mom looked right in my face and told my dad it was time. She called my doctor and I got in the shower.

Now let me just tell you how great that was. The shower was by far the best thing. I knew at that moment I would be having the next child with a water birth. I literally just sat in the shower until my mom made me get out. The breathing really worked too. I also noticed that when you squat it helps with the pain. So until we had the go ahead to head to the hospital I just sat squatting on the door post. But let me tell you about this dress my mother made me wear…HORRIBLE! I promise the next go-round I am going to have a birthing outfit. I really will be prepared. This dress was the worst.  First of all, I don’t know why it was so cold in October but it was freezing. Or maybe it was my hormones. I don’t know. But I hated it, not to mention it was my mom’s dress. Who wants to give birth in their mom’s dress?

We get to the hospital and Sister Mom is there. She lived two hours away and I have no idea how she made it but her and my other sister was there. Along with my friend and my dad. Kodi who still wasn’t convinced, even after I cussed him out, that I was in labor was on his way. My mom took the first shift with me in the hospital. They ask you on a scale of 1-10 with these emoji typefaces, where you fall. So I said at first that I was at like a 6. Honestly it wasn’t that bad. I mean it hurt when a contraction would kick in, but otherwise it was just uncomfortable. Then Sister Mom comes in. It’s now her turn to sit with me. I don’t know if she was trying to take my mind off of the pain or what, but the conversation was horrible. I don’t know what she was talking about. Then she was talking to the doctor and laughing. Like why are you laughing? What about this is funny. Looking back on it today, I’m sure she was just being polite and friendly. But to me it was annoying and I wanted it to stop. The nurse comes back in and asked me about the pain. It had grown. I was at a 9. Sister Mom looks at me and says something along the lines of “That face is crying, you aren’t even crying” …. I LOST IT! I told her to get out! I was so pissed at her. The nurse checked me and said I was only 1 cm. All this pain and that’s it. She told me I had two options:

  1. Walk the hospital (OUTSIDE) a few times to see if anything changes
  2. Take this Ambien and go home and sleep it off

She was convinced that I wasn’t having a baby tonight or this weekend.  Well there was no way I was walking around anywhere in my mother’s dress. Plus, it was freezing outside. So I went with the sleeping pills. She instructed me to take 1 now and 1 tomorrow if the pain was still there. I took those pills in the bathroom and downed them both. I WAS HIGH AS A KITE!

I got home and went to sleep. The contractions never stopped. It was the weirdest sleep ever. My girlfriend slept in the bed with me to make sure I was okay. Every time I had a contraction I would jump up in pain. I hit her a few times I think. Then when they were over I went back to sleep. I kept having the feeling that I needed to pee. So I jumped out of bed and went to pee. As I was walking my water broke. My friend thought that she needed to point that out to me as if I didn’t notice that I was standing in a puddle of water. I’m not sure what it is about your water breaking that is freakier. The fact that water is everywhere or that you can hear it. I can’t be the only one that felt like they heard their water break?

Now let me explain how high I was off the sleeping pills. I honestly couldn’t connect with the world around me. I have never taken these pills before but I will say they are powerful. When I wasn’t dying from the pain of contractions I was sleep. On the ride there I was in and out. My baby sister was laughing and everything. She said I would be snoring and then all of a sudden I was up and having a contraction. We finally get to the hospital and Kodi is nowhere to be found. We were calling him and nothing. (One day I might tell you more about that story but let’s just enjoy the birth of Camden!) When I got to the hospital and they saw me, the nurse rushed me into a room. I guess for some reason she took me more seriously this time. I kept telling them as they ripped off my clothes that I had to pee. She repeated over and over that I didn’t, that’s just pressure. I flipped out. I yelled at her and told her that I was going to piss all over this floor if she didn’t take me to the bathroom. Actually I think I might have been yelling at my mom. I’m not sure, GEESH!  Either way they let me in the bathroom and the nurse freaked. She yells to the doctor that she can see Cam’s head.

It gets real at this point. They put me on that bed and tell me to push! I was pretty out of it. In and out of sleep the whole time. The nurses were trying to explain to me how to push. But I couldn’t get it. I just didn’t understand what they meant. They called some random guy in the room (found out later he was a male doctor). He literally yelled at me “PUSH THAT BABY OUT! EVERYTIME YOU HAVE A CONTRACTION IT IS SQUEEZING HIS HEAD!” It was then that I pushed two good times and had my son!! I cried instantly. I was finally awake. I had him just like I prayed I would:

No C-section


No medicine

And Sister Mom recorded the whole thing (Rolls eyes)!


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8 thoughts on “My Ambien Birthing Story

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you could take Ambien while pregnant. I got really high on endorphins only about 12 hours before my second son. I mean I was crazy loopy but I hadn’t taken anything. I’m glad you had a safe and natural birth.

  2. Nothing like a nice quiet, peaceful birth. Families are wonderful most of the time. We all have a sister mom in the family. Roll of eyes.

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