all lives matter

I don’t know where to begin. I am not sure if I should start with how this all came about and the conversation that I was in when I started to feel this way, or if I should just jump into how I feel.
Black Lives Matter.
All Lives Matter!
I am unsure how to express this stance without getting under someone’s skin the same way that someone got under mine. BUT HERE I AM! And I am who I am. I can only feel how I feel. I can’t make anybody feel what I feel. Because if that was possible, Black Lives Matter, wouldn’t need to exist.
It baffles me that as a human race, we like to make the victims feel like they have no right to feel victimized. Before I begin I want to make it clear that I am not upset with the person that made this comment that I am about to share. Nor am I going to react or respond to this person any differently than I ever have before because of this comment. All this comment did was make me see that there are some things that I feel like are specific to each race. And that’s across the board. I say that because no race is excluded from being the victim or feeling like they don’t matter.

“I will be so happy when we stop talking about slavery, like when my kids grow up, will they still have to learn about that?”

THAT WAS THE COMMENT. It sent me over the edge a little. I’m not sure if it was because I’m black and my great grandparents were enslaved or if it’s simply that I can’t stand when people want to shun the victim because they are the victor. Do you want us to stop talking about this topic because it makes you look bad for having enslaved us? Should we stop addressing it because what happened to “BLACK LIVES DIDN’T MATTER”? Or should we not teach it to our children because it’s not worth being included in the history of this country?
The thought that some history should be repeated over and over again in class each school year but other topics shouldn’t, is foolish! For one, the country is in the state that it’s in because of the history. Let’s take out slavery from the books. Let’s pretend that it never happened. Write it off if you must. Then when little black boys are shot by the police wrongly and they don’t understand where that hate stemmed from, what will you tell them? How will we know who we are if we don’t know where we came from? How will we know that those choices that “The White Man” made 148 years ago aren’t ones we should implement today? If we don’t know where we came from we won’t know where we are going either.
It blows my mind the things that some people find important. We want to raise our children with great moral beliefs but we don’t want to teach them that slavery is wrong? We want to show the world that we are beyond that part of our history, yet and still you want to erase it from the books? Where do we draw the line? When do I get to stand up as an African American woman and say “Excuse me but my life matters too?”

I have said time and time again that I am no pro black supporter. I stand for the human race. Everyone has rights and should be entitled to the same rewards and the same punishments. I don’t think that cops are out here just killing black people out of hate. I examine the facts. Looking at the facts I think that hate crimes still exist for sure, but not just with the black community. They are everywhere. Look at the gays, trans genders, minorities, immigrants, and so forth. We can’t write these people off, EVER! As much as I may have my opinion in regards to all these topics, I know that they are all things worth being taught and understood. Nothing is no greater than the next. If we can talk about going to the moon and that’s been over 47 years, why can’t we talk about overcoming slavery? Why isn’t that something that we should be talking about more given our current predicament?

Again I must say that I am not upset with the person that said this, I am upset with the lack of sensitivity regarding the adversity that my people had to overcome!

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1 thought on “All Lives Matter

  1. If you really want my honest opinion, they’re just trying their hardest to bait a race war. Sadly, the #alllivesmatter crew are just playing into it and not helping it either. It hurts but we really need to try and not feed further energy into it.

    Personally, I think it’s a sad reflection of our society that we would even have to face this sort of divide, these opinions and perspectives, from multiple different groups of people who “don’t think that way anymore” or insist this is no longer an issue in our society. As a wife to a black man and a mother of half black children, I face that a lot with my family too.

    I think that’s why it’s further so much more important for us as mothers to educate our children on as much as we can, and to instill good values into them.

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