Loved these peanuts from our trip to the Nationals Game on Friday. Camden calls them elephant peanuts lol!


Laughed all weekend with this guy!!!


Listening to Famous and laughing at Taylor Swift, HA!


The Night Of! If you aren’t watching this you cray!! It will have you screaming at the TV.



I have been reading this blog all week. Just trying to get ready for my vacation!



Glo Up! ((Glow bracelets))

What’s Camden Doing?

Eating cotton candy that fell on the floor…. Beyond gross

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6 thoughts on “7.18.16

  1. Love that kids will eat food off the ground. They are SO gross 🙂 I have a Camden too. You don’t hear that name very often. Hope you get back to packing and getting ready for vacation. That is my most favorite thing to do. I love all that anticipation!!!

    1. I leave in three weeks! We are starting the packing tonight! I read through your blog and absolutely love it! I really would love to share your post on the word ‘BLACK’ if you don’t mind? I love the way you voiced that!

  2. OMG, The Night Of. I can’t. It makes me so nervous. Yet here I am watching episode 2 RIGHT NOW. Goodbye good night’s sleep.

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