Hey! Welcome to momE!

I would love to give you a little background on myself. My name is Erica Sullivan. momE came from…well clearly because my nickname is E. I look young but I am 32 years old. I am recently married to my hunk of a husband Corey!! So ignore all the past blogs about how single and miserable I may have been. Not only did I go from being a single mom of one little munchkin, Camden, now I have 2 more boys within the last 3 years. My oldest, Chubbs, is my step-son and Cru our new little guy just came October of 2018. I am currently focusing all my time on being a mom and wife and growing my business. I enjoy the normal things like, shopping, eating, reading, movies, and going to church. I grew up a PK (Pastor’s Kid) and I love the lord. I even just recently started a church page on Instagram @2savedchicks, where we explore church all over the country.

With the new last name also came a new location. So enjoy the blogs on my life in Philadelphia. I am working on writing my second book and I recently launch my own podcast. My brand and my family mean the world to me. So follow me on my journey. I am down to earth and just have a lot to say. So read along and enjoy the blog!! Chat with you soon!